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Tracy Brito, MD, the medical director of the Mercyhealth Vein Clinic, discusses vein disease and how to identify it, the process for treatment, what is covered by insurance and what patients can expect from treatment. For more information, call the Vein Clinic at (815) 971-2840.

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Quick Facts About Vein Disease at Mercyhealth Vein Clinic

If you or someone you know suspects the possibility of having vein disease because of leg and ankle swelling, discoloration, poor wound healing, etc., here are several important things Mercyhealth Vein Clinic suggests you need to know:

  • Nearly 25 percent of the population in the United States has some form of vein disease. By age 50, this number increases to 50 percent of all women and 35 percent of all men.
  • Vein disease is primarily hereditary— accounting for about 80 percent of all incidences. If one parent has it, the likelihood of offspring having it as well is 40 percent. If both parents have it, the likelihood climbs to 90 percent.
  • Vein disease is not primarily a function of aging. It can occur in teenagers, although not typically visibly.
  • Vein disease exacerbates and complicates many other medical conditions such as recovery from lower extremity surgery, general wound healing, congestive heart failure, hemorrhoids, and more.
  • Vein procedures are minimally invasive and last under an hour, so you can return to work and/or daily activities the same day.
  • Vein disease, like arterial insufficiency, or dental caries, only gets worse without treatment.
  • Contrary to this myth, vein disease affects nearly 40 perfect of men by age 60.

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