After a success vein treatment a woman finds hope and inspires others

Denise J.'s Story

Denise J. is an inspiration of hope, a retired  teacher and now an active hiker. However, Denise was not always this hopeful, nor adventurous. In fact, only a few years ago Denise was 130lbs over weight and was suffering from serious underlying issues of chronic venous insufficiency (i.e. varicose vein disease). Not entirely aware of how much the disease effected her daily life, Denise realized that it was time to make a change in her life by losing weight and hopefully finding a solution for her tired, swollen, achy legs. Denise remarked, "Varicose veins runs in my family, and the things ...

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Before getting treatment, I thought that an open wound would be part of my life…

Susan Z.'s Story

When Susan Z. came into InnovaMed Vein Clinic she was desperate to find a solution for her venous ulcerations. Susan had heard about Doctor Tracy Brito from a friend who suffered from varicose veins and decided to seek her advice, but she was not completely reassured when Dr. Tracy Brito told her that she could help. In fact, Susan had heard many doctors make similar promises before, but she was willing to try whatever possible solution was available to her. She recalls, "When I first got my ulcer I had no idea what it was. Naturally, I went to see my ...

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Sandy P. Testimonial

Sandy's Story

"Before I met with Dr Brito, my legs were giving me constant pain, swelling and a "heavy" feeling . I had the RF surgery and the pain, swelling, and "heavy" feeling are one. I can now do my normal activities without the pain swelling and heaviness! I highly recommend Dr Brito. She is a great physician." - Rochelle Illinois

Gina D. Testimonial

Gina's Story

"I would just like others to know what a positive experience I have had going to Dr Tracy Brito for my vein problems in both of my legs. I had been having issues for some time, starting with multiple pregnancies. There was a history of vein disease in my maternal family. My problems included a feeling of heaviness in both legs, swelling in the ankles, tired and achy legs, and sometimes itchiness also. Dr Brito was very helpful from the moment I met her – I really appreciated her honesty ,her thoroughness when explaining everything to me and my husband, her ...

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G.S. Testimonial

G's Story

"Most medical procedures carry with them some level of anxiety: dealing with my varicose veins was no exception. My experience with Dr Tracy Brito and her staff at the Mercy Health Vein Center has been extraordinary. She has assembled a top- notch team that approaches patients with care, compassion, and competence. Every interaction with every team member- scheduling, ultrasound, nursing, and Dr Brito- was positive, professional, and patient centered."

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