Before getting treatment, I thought that an open wound would be part of my life…

When Susan Z. came into InnovaMed Vein Clinic she was desperate to find a solution for her venous ulcerations. Susan had heard about Doctor Tracy Brito from a friend who suffered from varicose veins and decided to seek her advice, but she was not completely reassured when Dr. Tracy Brito told her that she could help. In fact, Susan had heard many doctors make similar promises before, but she was willing to try whatever possible solution was available to her.

She recalls, “When I first got my ulcer I had no idea what it was. Naturally, I went to see my doctor, who thought it might be a [Brown Recluse] spider bite, but could not determine the real source of the problem and eventually referred me to another Doctor who tried to treat topically. This went on for many months with no hope, so I was then referred to a third Doctor, who performed painful scraping while wrapping the wound and prescribing medications to reduce the swelling. All of these attempts made the wound smaller, but it never really healed.” After exhausting what she believed to be her only options – including the possibility of a skin graft, visiting 6 different doctors in over a period of 5-7 years and spending thousands of dollars – she felt completely hopeless.

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