Gina D. Testimonial

“I would just like others to know what a positive experience I have had going to Dr Tracy Brito for my vein problems in both of my legs. I had been having issues for some time, starting with multiple pregnancies. There was a history of vein disease in my maternal family. My problems included a feeling of heaviness in both legs, swelling in the ankles, tired and achy legs, and sometimes itchiness also.

Dr Brito was very helpful from the moment I met her – I really appreciated her honesty ,her thoroughness when explaining everything to me and my husband, her knowledge of the procedures, her caring manner ,and her sense of humor.

Her staff is also outstanding. Very thoughtful, while being very professional. I was anxious about addressing this problem to begin with, but was happy and totally satisfied with the results.

I would highly recommend seeing Dr Brito for any vein disease problems.”

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