After a success vein treatment a woman finds hope and inspires others

Denise J. is an inspiration of hope, a retired  teacher and now an active hiker. However, Denise was not always this hopeful, nor adventurous. In fact, only a few years ago Denise was 130lbs over weight and was suffering from serious underlying issues of chronic venous insufficiency (i.e. varicose vein disease). Not entirely aware of how much the disease effected her daily life, Denise realized that it was time to make a change in her life by losing weight and hopefully finding a solution for her tired, swollen, achy legs.

Denise remarked, “Varicose veins runs in my family, and the things I noticed were not only the pain, but my legs were swelling up regularly. In the end, I just didn’t want to be crippled like the rest of my family. I didn’t want to have my legs feeling constantly tired and sore. I just didn’t feel good and couldn’t do as much as I wanted to. I knew tat there had to be a solution.”

Read more of Denise’s story with Dr. Brito now (PDF).

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